Introduction to Thompson Technique

Introduction to Thompson Technique

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Chiropractic Jobs Online have collaborated with Dr John Minardi to bring you a FREE online introduction to Thompson Technique. 

Dr Minardi is a world-renowned speaker and instructor of Thompson Technique, and has devoloped the technique, and science further. 

In this online webinar he will introduce, or refresh your understanding of the 5 basic setups. He will give an overview, show the protocol and adjustments live! The following will be presented:

  1. Cervical Syndrome
  2. Derefeild Negative
  3. Derefeild Positive
  4. Bilateral Cervical Syndrome
  5. Exception Derefeild's

If you are new to Thompson technique or have done any of his courses and looking for a refresher this is for you. 

How to access me

Purchase (even if its free) > Create account > navigation menu > free courses > select course > watch and learn!